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Calm Reaction to Human Anatomy


Man… The human body is freaking intimidating as hell. Why the hell are these biologists coming up with so many names and most of them are all interrelated and groups of them performs the same function? Are these guys mad scientists trying to bring our grades down because we can’t manage to memorize them all? Like bones. Man! Just name it mandible! But no… It can’t be that easy!! You have to have ramus of mandible, body of mandible, mandible this, mandible that, it isn’t even mandible anymore… BS. It’s hella freaking tiring. Better yet, call it the jaw! Yes, it makes perfect sense. Anatomy… Damn. Bad enough we’re going hella deep into cells and molecules and epithelium and who knows what. I mean, who majors in this stuff anyways. You must’ve been leading a boring life. Like you haven’t discovered anything better to do in your life…

Hell, the teacher probably won’t even know the difference. Just act like you know what you’re talking about and she’ll be impressed. It’s just a lot of memorizing. It’s not all that bad but when you’re speeding through like a madman, then it’s hard. For me, anyways. I’m scared to fail it but hopefully you’ll be with me through superficial, deep, transverse, section, etc. etc. to at least get a B for the whole thing. One more week and it’s the first showdown. Still don’t know much yet, but I’m going to try.All I’m saying is it’s a hell of a start to begin with. They pretty much brought us to this difficult sandbox and told us to fend for ourselves.

In any case, I’m missing you more than ever. Hoping this post will make you smile a bit and calm yourself. Teehee!!!

Love you and starting to dislike human anatomy class, Ni

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