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Happy One Year Anniversary!

We always go out with a bang. Today’s no difference. Who would have thought we’d fight the night before our one year? Guess that’s what they call a summary of our first year. Well, you know, I’m not fond of fighting, but it seems that the more we fight the more we progress. I mean, sure, you might not think I never learn but that’s because you THINK I’m so ignorant and really want your pity. But you know, how often do we fight now? Not that often. I mean, it used to be constant arguments and hours of dislike and sadness.

How you interpret our one year is up to you. I definitely see it as a work on progress. We are who we are, and nothing drastic will ever change in an instant. It takes time to grow and fall deeper in love, as I have during our first year of many emotional struggle as well as the memories forged to make every second with you worthwhile. So what if I’m the shittiest boyfriend you have ever come to love? It really doesn’t affect me because I know you accept me for who and what I am. That’s enough for me to continue all of the experiences I have created along the path of loving you.

I’m still that shy boy you fell for. I truly am. It’s just that with you, I feel so careless, so weak, and so clueless as to how to approach the situation given to us. (You’re probably reading this, and thinking how ridiculous I sound to label myself as shy, but that’s ok!~) The interval that I looked into those eyes and felt that cheesiness in me made me realize that I’m going with you in long distances, far and beyond any relationship that humans can make. After all, we’re Martians.

Forever doesn’t mean much when it’s not meant. If giving up easily to something so simple and only looks to be complicated, then how will forever ever last? It won’t. That’s why you’re so fragile yet so strong. You don’t let up to anything. You don’t just lose all hope and cast me as nothing. Sure, you might say a few words here and there, but I don’t believe you mean any of that.

Anyways, I love you so much and I never want to let go of you. One year down and the start of a new beginning is rising. Are you ready for solar?

Tee hee. I know you smiled at that question. You’re the greatest person that had ever cared for me to the point that you hold my hands with the longest and most determined grip to indicate that you’ll never leave me. I love you.

What happens today, tommorow, or any other day, won’t mean anything unless you’re with me.

Happy one year anniversary and yours truly, Ni

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